What to Expect




First things first – let’s meet! Every job begins with an at-home consultation, where we will begin to talk about your project and what you have in mind for the final vision. This consultation is completely complimentary, and also includes a preliminary sketch of your project and a price quote at no charge. After the initial consultation, I will meet with you again at the local landscape center to hand-select your pavers, retaining wall material, and even the individual plants for your new garden. I think it is very important that we work together during the creative process in order to create the new landscaping of your dreams!


On groundbreaking day, we will meet with our crew leader and site supervisor to finalize the details of your project. This is also a great time to answer questions and talk about timeline expectations. The site supervisor will remain on your property throughout the entire project, and the crew leader and I will stop by on a daily basis to check-in on the progress. If you happen to be around during the day as we’re working, our site supervisor will communicate with you as decisions are needed to be made. If you can’t be around, we will often use photos or even FaceTime to keep you, the crew leader, and myself involved throughout the entire process.

Local Landscapers Minneapolis MN - Twin City Landscape

Local Landscapers Minneapolis MN - Twin City Landscape

Wrapping up

Landscaping projects can be disruptive. We know this, and we strive to make the construction process as pleasurable and hassle-free as we possibly can. Although we thoroughly clean the job site on a daily basis, a major cleanup is performed at the end of the construction. Streets, sidewalks, patios and all other affected areas are swept-up/sprayed-off and all excess construction materials are removed from your property. We want you to be able to enjoy your new landscaping the moment we hit the road! It is our goal to exceed expectations every step of the way, and to make sure you feel comfortable in your own home while construction is in progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my paver patio or retaining wall require maintenance?  Generally, the answer is no. Over time, large roots from nearby stones can push pavers up from the ground, or move a wall stone. Since both paver patios and retaining walls are segmented systems, they can easily be repaired several years later if a tree decides to get pushy.

2. Can I shovel or use a snow blower on my paver patio? Absolutely. In fact, the concrete used for paver patios is often much harder and more durable than the concrete used in a poured concrete slab.

3. Can I apply salt to my paver patio?  Salt will damage pavers quickly. If you are going to use salt, then we highly suggest applying a salt sealer to your product. Also consider sealing your retaining wall if it is going to be near an area where salt will be used.

4. Why do my concrete pavers and/or concrete wall stone have a white haze?  In the weeks or months after installing your pavers or retaining wall, you may white haze may appear on the surface, or it may appear that the color is fading. Your pavers or wall stone are not damaged – they are experiencing a process called “efflorescence”. It is caused by naturally occurring salts that form during the curing of a cement block. The condition will correct itself given time and exposure.

5. How do I prepare for my landscape installation day?  Stop watering your yard 2 days before installation to minimize damage to your grass. Mow your grass even if it is going to be removed, since tall grass can be hard to work with. Make sure your outdoor water is turned on and an electrical outlet is accessible. Remove as many personal items from your yard as possible to avoid damage. Also, please clean up any dog poo ;)

6. What sort of wear and tear should I expect?  Although this varies by project and there is always a little impact, we always do our best to minimize the damage to your yard. Talk to your site supervisor if you have concerns and he will address those issues on site.

7. What do I do if I find a broken paver?  Although this does not happen very often, we try to leave a couple of pavers at every job site for this exact reason. Simply give us a call and we will send out a technician to come out and fix it for you!

8. What if my retaining wall cap comes loose?  We use a strong adhesive to glue your retaining wall cap to your retaining wall. Sometimes it will bond so strongly that it is even stronger than the concrete itself. However, temperature and water can affect the glue when it is being installed. If you notice that a cap has come loose, simply give us a call and we will send a technician out to adhere it back together.

9. Will my paver patio discolor over time?  Exposure to extensive sunlight will cause a paver to fade over time. Metal shovels or leaves may also discolor a patio. There is no need to use a harsh cleaner to remove those stains. Simply remove the shovel or the leaves and in a very short time the discoloration should disappear. When painting around a paver patio it is wise to cover the patio completely. Remember: paver patios are meant to be lived in, so don’t worry too much about the little things :)

10. Will moss grow on my retaining wall block or patio?  Areas that are in the shade and are damp are likely to grow moss. Consider using a moss sealer to inhibit the growth. If your patio already has moss, then it must be removed before applying the sealant.