Minneapolis Paver Patio

Jennifer & Geoff’s paver patio and walkway

 Every spring in Minnesota, we all begin to realize just how nice it is to spend time outdoors in our yards. This spring Jennifer and Geoff had similar thoughts, and decided to give their yard a makeover in order for them to fully enjoy their outdoor living space. A main priority for them was to create a space better suited for grilling and entertaining. Another priority was to give the yard a new covering of sod for the kids to play on.

MinneapolisPaverPatio_001 MinneapolisPaverPatio_002 MinneapolisPaverPatio_003

Construction begins! As usual for your typical Minneapolis neighborhood lot, drainage was a constant concern for the crew. A lot of care and effort is taken to make sure water will run where it needs to. Proper drainage is insured by using string line guides, levels, and sometimes a special laser. All patio and walkway spaces are dug to a depth of around 7″ before the new patio material is added, starting with an underlayment fabric for stability, and then 4″ of compacted crushed limestone, as shown above.


After the crushed limestone has been compacted and leveled to perfection, it is time to add a thin layer of masonry sand and the pavers. Since the sand can be easily disturbed, we often level the sand and add pavers simultaneously as we work from one side of the patio to the other. Jennifer and Geoff decided to go with the classic Borgert Cobble Series pavers, which complement the color of their house quite nicely. After a majority of the pavers have been laid, pavers are cut individually to fit in along the edge of the patio – a step which can sometimes take as long as building the rest of the patio!

MinneapolisPaverPatio_005 MinneapolisPaverPatio_006 MinneapolisPaverPatio_007 MinneapolisPaverPatio_008

With the patios completed, its time to finish up the gardens – our first plantings of the year! Take a look at our seasonal guidelines for planting here to make sure you’re not getting plants in the ground too soon. We use the one-and-only Gertens Garden Center as the supplier for almost all of our planting projects. Jennifer and Geoff wanted a low-maintenance perennial garden, which is a great choice for those who have limited time to tend to their garden. Through careful selection, we were also able to get a good variety of plants that will provide good flower colors throughout the season.

After two weeks and a few rain days, Jennifer and Geoff’s landscaping project is ready to enjoy! Thank you for having us!