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Holly & Mark’s Backyard Paver Patio

It’s that time of year again in Minnesota. We all come out of the holes we have been hibernating in over the last several months, and we begin to spend time in the outdoor living spaces we have created and take so seriously. When Holly & Mark sent their children off to college and moved back into the cities, they knew that a new and improved backyard was a must. After a recent addition to their new home, we sent the crew in to beautify their outdoor living space.

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As you can see, we were able to start with a blank canvas. We love getting to start a project in this condition, since the final project always looks so much different! We immediately came across a surprise cement walkway below the surface of the dirt, but luckily we were able to remove it quickly. Many of our projects are in city lots that can make using heavy machinery more destructive than helpful, so we take full advantage of the fact that we’re not going to ruin anything in a yard that is already ripped up. Once all the material has been brought in, it’s time to start building!

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To complement the colors of their new home addition, the pavers Holly & Mark chose for their patio were Borgert’s Holland Stone in the Minnesota River color scheme, with a Charcoal accent for the walkways. We’re really excited to see how well the different pavers help to separate the walkways from the main patio area. To improve the overall drainage of their lot and to create more usable backyard space, we added a small retaining wall in the lower corner of the property, with a small staircase. This wall was built with the Tribute Retaining Wall System.

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Once the patio has been laid and the polymeric sand has been added to the paver joints, the rest of the yard is completed very quickly. Within just a few hours, we are able to sod the lawn, get plants in the ground, and add mulch to the gardens. It can be so much fun to see how fast the yard can go from a construction zone, to a beautiful backyard ready to enjoy. For plants, Holly & Mark have chosen a good selection of low-maintenance perennials and shrubs that will provide wonderful colors all season long. All of the plants that we use in our projects come from our favorite, Gertens Greenhouses.

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Thank you for having us, Holly & Mark! We hope you enjoy your new backyard for many years to come!